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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Bird Turns THREE!

My August trip to Missouri was to celebrate Little Bird’s third birthday!  She is growing up so fast; it’s hard to believe it has been 3 years since I first held her.
She is now old enough to start giving her own input to the party planning and she wanted a cupcake party.  Sis picked the Boho style decorations and we all took part in setting it up.  I made the tissue paper pompom flowers, which Little Bird loved.  A friend of Sis made the cute outfit she’s wearing. 
Bird got her first “American Girl” dolls from her Mom and Dad.  After the party she put the little boy doll in a bag and put all the tissue paper from her gift bags in it.  Then she took it to Little Hoss and told him it was “…a present for you!” 
Little Bird’s paternal great grandma enjoyed watching her open her presents.
She loves to clean.  We all hope she won’t grow out of this any time soon!!  ;-D
Both of the babies love books.  Himself and I gave her a bag full for her gift. 
Then came cupcake time!  They were ‘made from scratch’ by her Daddy and were SO good.  I informed Big J that he could make cupcakes for MY birthday, and that I also celebrated half birthdays… so I would be looking forward to a batch in January! 
Blowing out three candles! 
Little Bird, Sis, Big J, and Little Hoss.
My parents with Little Bird.  She adores her “Mamo” and “Papo”. 
And with me.  When Sis snapped that picture, Little Bird was saying “I love you Aunt Teri”. 
Ahhhh… it was her birthday but I got the best present of all.

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