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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Artful Friday #1 - Altered Book Spread: Fujiyama

I’ve always like playing with collages of any type.  Paper collages, mixed media, altered books… whatever!  They are fun and relaxing.  Some time ago I started working on an altered book using an extra copy of “A Life On The Road” by Charles Kuralt.  My theme for the book is … ME. 

So when I saw the challenge at Collage Obsession was “oriental” I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this one.

And to start it required a wee field trip…

…to my beloved Fujiyama for some sushi!  (Yeah… I know what you’re thinking – “any excuse to get a bite of sushi”. )  Well, maybe you’re right!  LOL
So I had me a bit of sushi and snapped some photos before I started munching.  After a delightful dinner I left with a carry out menu and a set of chop sticks.
It’s my opinion that Fujiyama is the best sushi restaurant I’ve been to… and I’ve been to some good ones, including one that is touted to be the best in Chicago.  So I set Fujiyama’s owner and sushi chef Tony against the highest point in Japan… Mt. Fuji. 
The food pictures beneath the chop sticks are from meals I’ve had in the restaurant.  The picture in the right corner came off the carry out menu.
This layout works for my altered book because I do enjoy sushi and I enjoy it at Fujiyama the most! 


  1. Cute! You should share this with the restaurant owner.

  2. I love how you arranged all those photograph cutouts to form Mt. Fuji. It's a very clever take on the Collage Obsession - Asian Challenge. I also like your intricate Zentangles. Thanks for following my blog. Blessings!

  3. What a fun journal page, and a nice tribute to your favorite restaurant! I love collage!

  4. What a great page! Your words make me smile and feel hungry at the same time. I really like how you have done the paint.


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