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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Last summer a bunch of red wasps made a nest in the concrete yard ornament that sits in my rose bed.  It's a bird feeder (tho we don't use it as such) and the area where the seed falls thru was the perfect door for them to go in and out.
A couple days ago it was well below freezing in the morning and we finally remembered to evict them.  After all, I can't work in the rose bed or use the patio with them there guarding their nest!
Himself pulled out one very large nest and a smaller one, with about 6 wasps clinging to them... made immobile by the cold.  He just threw them out in the yard.  We then filled the area with gravel.
Today is 70 F.
And the wasps are awake... 
And they are angry.
Very, very angry.
I'm not sure where they have all come from!  There are about 15 on this side of the lawn ornament and the same amount on the other.  Some are on the ground too.  They appear to be fighting with each other. 
They are way too worked up and it is way too windy to go out and hit them with wasp spray.  So we're just staying out of their range for now!

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