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Saturday, March 9, 2013

SPRING Garden Show Ideas

It’s that time of year again… time for the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show!  Every year it gets me primed for SPRING (for the purpose of this post… we will pretend to forget that after Spring comes Summer, when I will be wishing it were Winter again).
Now, where was I…?
Oh right… SPRING!!!
The time to get fancy with the flowers.
And this year Himself was home to go with me! 
What is great about this particular lawn and garden show is how they have it arranged.  You enter into a huge room that is set up with many full size garden and patio displays.
Love this outdoor kitchen with the pizza oven.  I want one!  Not only can you bake a pizza in this, you can also bake incredible bread.
Some of the displays were more rustic.  This vendor always does something with the ‘funky junk’ idea.   

I like the comfy little sitting areas.
They are so easy to recreate.
Even rust can look fantastic if arranged well.
How cool is this Italian patio? 
Another regular vendor set up a really fun fountain.  The little ‘shed’ behind us is really a recirculating fountain.  Water flows down the tin roof, drips over the edge into a catch basin and goes around all over again.  And how fun was it that they set it up as a place to take photos? 

Several of the vendors had dish gardens as part of their displays.  This one would be so quick and easy to do.  I can see a cute little ‘house’ style birdhouse in here.
And I love these broken pot fairy gardens.  Now if one of my old pots were just break in an ‘artful’ way…
Himself really liked this lighted fountain.
After the yard displays, there are the florals. 
And the floral arrangements…
The next area where commercial vendors are set up.
Some are selling plants but it’s still too early to put them in the ground.
But they are beautiful to look at.
And some are there with fun and fabulous ‘garden’ décor. 
Love this!
I could browse thru this area for half a day!
Himself… not so long…
He’s wanting to head over to the man toys.
Where all the other guys are happily browsing.
I guess we all dream of spring in different ways!

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  1. Teri, that looks so neat! I love the artistic groupings. Yay for flowers! :)


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