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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY: Fix A Sticking Rotating Corner Cabinet

Do you have one of these cabinets that stick when you open it?
We did, and I had no idea what to do about it.  It was that way when we moved in.  There were even groves being cut into the bottom of the door!  Since this was the first corner cabinet I’d ever had, I thought we were stuck with the sticking.  It still ‘worked’ so we lived with it.
However, in the last few months it had gotten way worse.  To the point that it was becoming difficult to open and close to door.  I’d finally had enough.
I took the cabinet door off to get a good look at the problem.  The bottom had a gouge on both sides from the screws that hold bracket that holds the center post.  I’m not talking a little gouge either.  These babies were about a 1/4 inch deep!  The edges were all torn up too.
So I bundled up against the cold windy day so I could sand it down on the front porch.  (The last thing I wanted was to have to clean up all that dust inside!)  I worked on it until the bottom looked good again.  (Himself SNEAKED this picture from the corner of the house!)
In putting the door back together, Himself discovered this:
…a height adjusting mechanism at the bottom of the pole.  After loosening the finger bolt on the left, you spin that middle textured area.  It adjusts the pole length very much like a shower rod.  Once you have it where it needs to be, you tighten the finger bolt back up.  (I’d suggest given it an extra tug with some vice grips.  Over the years it had loosened and that was the cause of the problem.)
Now our door swings freely and easily. 

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  1. Well it is mastered. Thumbs up for you. I used to have one when Lived in a town house. I disliked it as alot of items like can goods fell behind.


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