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Friday, March 15, 2013

Featuring: Clan Hanna Photography!

As I mentioned last Friday, I’ve been very busy with a creative project.  I was invited to be the featured artist in a shop for the “First Thursday Art Walk”.  The art walk is held in downtown Clarksville; the shops and galleries hold receptions featuring different artists.  I was at the culinary shop “Ingredients”. 
I decided to show mainly culinary related photos – from signs to ingredients to cooking tools. (Sorry about the distracting watermark but these are my commercial photos for my Clan Hanna Photography…)
The selection of what I wanted to show was nerve wracking!  Then I had to have my prints made and get them matted and framed.  At the last minute I added a few non-culinary photos for variety. 

The shop was buzzing with activity and I feel I did well with my show. 
I made a bit of money (and turned around and spent some of it on cute things like this apron for Little Bird!). 
I had several people say I need to open an Etsy shop.  I’m thinking seriously about that.  Perhaps that will become one of my summer projects…

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