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Monday, March 25, 2013

Steak with Amaretto Mushroom Recipe

Here’s one of my favorite ‘perk ups’ for a plain steak and mushrooms. 
While the steak is grilling/broiling, sauté up a pan full of your favorite mushrooms in butter.  Right now I’m on a button, baby bello, and shitake mix kick – tho for this cooking, all I had were white buttons. (This is why I decided to make this recipe!)
Once the mushrooms are almost done, transfer them to a plate.  Then add a little flour to the pan and make a nice roux.  Then use cream or sour cream to make a sauce a bit thicker than you want the finished product.  For this you want a thin sauce.  If you use the sour cream, be careful it doesn’t get thick like gravy. 
Once your sauce has thickened, start adding the amaretto.  If it thins out too much, just cook it back down while stirring constantly. 
Add your mushrooms back to the sauce and let them heat back up. 
Serve over the top of your steak.
(Himself doesn’t care for this recipe as the Amaretto gives the sauce a slightly sweet taste.)

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