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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: Woody’s Pizza in Clarksville (Sango)

Recently after church we went out with some friends to a new (to us) pizza restaurant… “Woody’s Hand Tossed Pizza” ( ).
I was impressed as we walked in.  It’s very open and roomy, with plenty of space between the tables.  (A major restaurant peeve of mine is when they jam so many tables into the room that every time you move your chair you hit the person sitting behind you!  I don’t go back to those restaurants!)
It had been ages since we’d had pizza, so greedy people we are – we each ordered our own medium! 
I did a ‘make your own’ with sausage, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, Provolone, and feta… light on the tomato sauce.  Oh my!  I’ve never had feta on a pizza.  It was SO good!!
Himself tried the ‘Veggie’ pizza…with LOTS of tomato sauce.
The thin crust was perfect… not tough or chewy.  Great flavors in both the crust and ingredients.  No compliant about the amount of toppings either.
We both really enjoyed our meals, as did our friends.  This one is definitely a ‘keeper’.

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