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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Rustic Chipsters Furniture

While we were at the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show at the beginning of the month we saw many interesting vendors.  For the most part tho, they are pretty much the same year to year.  However, this year we visited with one vendor who was unique.
He calls his business “The Rustic Chipster”  ( ) What he does is to creative truly original pieces of furniture from reclaimed wood from old tobacco barns.
The pieces have an ethnic mosaic feel.
Different color grout gives each piece a completely different look.  There are also pieces that are straight construction. 
Himself liked this art piece that had different stains.
These chairs are incredibly comfortable!
 What struck me about his pieces was that you don't have to have something he's made from his stash of barn wood.  You could have a beautiful piece of furniture made with wood from your personal barn or old home... or any other sentimental wooden structure.  If you have one of the mosaic type tables made, it doesn't even need all that much wood as the top is made from slices from a single board!

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