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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Clutter Free Me: My Frame Closet

This month I have been hard at work on my studio (aka “The Hen Nest”).  It’s been our catch-all since we’ve moved in.  It’s coming along nicely.

One of the areas we’ve redone is what we’ve called ‘the fish closet’.  When the previous owners finished basement, they put in a weird shaped closet along one wall.  It’s long and narrow, with the end being an angled mess from where they put their stereo system. 

That window on the right under the light held a huge fish tank. 

The whole closet was nasty when they moved out.  Himself cleaned it and scrubbed it and tore out the tank with all its bracings. 

Then it just kinda sat there.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it until I was grumbling to Himself about needed some how to store the ba-zillion framed art pieces AND empty frames I had all over the place.  The fish closet would be a perfect place to become ‘the frame closet’!!

The space was still dingy so I bought 3 cans of Kilz in bright white.  That concrete sucked it up like a sponge.  I didn’t bother painting the back because the shelf would be in front.  No use painting what was going to be covered.  I didn’t quite finish because I ran out of paint.  Himself said when it warms up enough to have the window open, he’d finish it for me.  

And here is my finished shelf!  All the wood came out of my lumber stash.  There is room for even my largest frames.  Extra large, large and medium fit on the shelves.  

My smaller frames (8X10 and below) fit into the wheeled bins on the floor.  And there was even enough space to put my file cabinet away. 

I love it!  For the first time all my frames are together and easy to get to. 

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