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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh Deer!

As we were traveling around Wisconsin during our trip up North, we stopped at several produce stands.  At Peck’s Farm Market in Spring Green, they have an unique lure to bring in customers.  They have a ‘petting zoo’ with captive bred game animals and birds… plus a bunch of goats.

On the weekends there is a horse drawn wagon ride around the perimeter.  It’s a good way to get a feel for the place and to decide how far you want to walk!

After our ride we started off with the birds.  Pigeons, ducks, and chickens…then it got a bit more colorful and exotic.  

A showy peacock.

Golden pheasant.

Goldherst pheasant.

Ringneck pheasant.


Then we headed over to the deer area.  This cute little fallow deer was an accomplished beggar!

And it worked!

The Sitka deer wasn’t the least bit interested in snacking.

This Whitetail buck is about the size of the one we have out here at The Sticks.  

I’d never seen an elk up close.  WOW!!  What a stunning boy.  He was begging for a scratch around his ears… but with that huge rack it was pretty hard to do.  

Louie the Llama just wanted to soak up some sun.  

A four horned Jacob’s sheep.  

A favorite area for the visiting kids was the goat pen.  Those beggars know exactly what those vending machines are.  A quarter will get you about a half cup of corn.

And I make them work for it too!

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