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Friday, February 28, 2014

February In The Rear View Mirror

Wow, I can’t believe it is already the end of February!!  I realize it is a ‘short’ month but it really feels like it flew by.

My project of getting my studio back in order finished quickly.  That really shocked me.  I silently thought this one would flow into next month.  Now it is ready to use and create in.  And to start decorating.  Clean and orderly is great…but you know it has to be cute too!  There’s a lot of painting I need to do; which will wait until I can have open windows to air the place out.

Himself opted out of getting his study redone.  Truth be it, it’s not really too bad as it is.  The plus side for me is that he was more available to help me in MY studio! 

March will be the month for cleaning out the garage (not too bad) and the shed (downright scary!). 

We made our monthly trip up to see the babies.  They recharge my ‘battery’… everything is better after being with them.  Tired but better.  (You know, if I could tap into their energy I could get my monthly projects done in a week!)

There was another kidnapping too.  For Valentine’s (a few day late) I whisked Himself off to a local B&B.  I’ll be writing about that soon.  It was a great stay. 

We only did one volunteer class at Whole Foods.  It was an Italian class with some good recipes.  I’ll be sharing those soon.

Our big time consumer this month was our “2nd Annual Sweetheart Banquet” at church.  Our Sunday School class is the one that puts it on.  Last year we did a 50s and 60s song night, plus pulled a joke on our pastor.

This year it was “Hee Haw”.  It was hysterical!  That’s yet another upcoming post… with lots of photos and even some video (I hope).  Himself was “Charlie Farkelson… KORN News”.  I was the photographer for couples photos and the event.  There were a lot of rehearsals and set making all thru the month getting ready for it. 

Hello March… whatcha got lined up for me?

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