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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Bowl Fun

We were up in MO for Game Day to partake in the annual Super Bowl Party at Sis and Big J’s house.  We all pitch in on making the prerequisite munchies… Big J cooked a pork tenderloin for sliders, Sis made stuff mushrooms and fresh tzatzki with pita bread, Mom made gumbo, cream cheese pinwheels, a wild rice salad and got a veggie tray, and I made banana pudding and bought a key lime pie. 

LOTS of munchies!

Before we knew it the teams were ready to take the field.

Little Bird decided she could do that too!

Hey Peyton… this is how you go out for a pass!

Hmmmmm… it’s not going too well… maybe it’s time for some serious cheerleading…

That should help!

It didn’t help…


And despair.  Little Bird, sitting under the table won’t help.

Little Hoss decides to forget the game and make another run on the munchies.

And Little Bird moves on to playing with her ‘My Little Pony’ game.

Which Unca Himself finds more interesting than the TV.

The whistle blew and Little Hoss was sent back to the dressing room.  Bed time!
You know, I think this was one of the weirdest Super Bowls I’ve ever watched.  Ol’ Broadway Joe set the tone… all thru the game we were saying “What???” 

Even the ads didn’t help much.

Oh well… the food was good and the company was great!  


  1. We, naturally, were rooting for the 'home' team...being we are from the Northwest!! We definitely thought it would have been a LOT closer than it was. I loved the Budweiser commercial....the Draft horse and the puppy....made me cry!!

  2. Good food, good company, not such a great game!


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