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Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowy Tennessee Morning

We had a rare snow day this weekend… if you could call it a ‘day’.  We woke up to about two inches of snow but it was gone by lunchtime. 

Part of our morning routine is to put bird seed out on the deck and enjoy the visitors while we sip our morning cuppas.  On this morning, with the snow on the railing, it was even lovelier to watch.

Himself setting the bird buffet

Their spread

Bird watching from the couch.

Hey!  Where's our breakfast?

Pretty please?

Did they cancel because of snow?

The buffet is open!

Making sure he's not the next one on a menu!  (We have a resident red-tail hawk.)

 Everyone enjoys their breakfast.

One perfect snow flake.


Snow bird (aka dark eyed junco).

Shoveling thru the snow.

Darn!  It's started snowing again!

Better eat quick.

Let's see... I'll try...

Two types of finches

I'll try the suet box.

Good eats...cold feet

Our sycamore tree.  The finches love the seeds from the balls.

Love birds (doves).  They prefer the ground food we toss on the sidewalk.

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