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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Cabin in the Hills

I just realized I hadn’t finished with my stories of our annual trip up North to visit family and friends. 

One of our friends has a cabin waaaay out in the country they use for family outings.  

Over the river and thru the cow gates…

…to the little cabin we go!  It is a family undertaking, coming together one DIY project at a time.

It has its own little pond/lake too.  In the summer it is perfect for fishing, catching frogs, or having a good in the paddleboat.  

But this time of the year is ice-breaking time.

Family and friends have used it for years as a hunting cabin.  Some of those came home with me to make baskets with!  

It has all the conveniences you’d need!

Just kidding!  The door on the right is the bathroom.  The wood stove keeps the cabin very warm.  It’s still a work-in-progress with the next plan to be a kitchen. 

Comfy sitting area.

Love the railing on the sleeping loft.  All the wood came from the property. 

It is such a peaceful place.  We had a fantastic time out there!

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