Friday, May 27, 2016

Bonsai - A Tree You Can Hold

In 2009 I started doing bonsai as a member of the Nashville Bonsai Society.  I really enjoyed it and was starting to get a nice collection of trees...until my watering system malfunctioned while I was on summer vacation.  I lost every one of my trees.

I was so upset I lost the heart to keep at it.  After several years away from it, I've decided it was time to rejoin the group.

Wonderfully I got back to the group just as a member hosted an Open House social at his home and bonsai nursery.

Here's some of the bonsai eye candy he has...

Beautiful, yes?

This planting is called "Kusamono" (which means "grass thing").  It's a small planting that you display with your bonsai (they can also be displayed alone).  It's usually something very natural looking.

Our host with one of his stunning trees.

Explaining a starting tree.

We had an enjoyable time visiting with everyone.

Plus we were treated to a delicious lunch.

Thanks for the great day J!

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