Friday, May 13, 2016

Fairview Amish Plant Auction 2016

A couple of Saturdays ago was The Day!

The day for the annual Fairview Amish plant auction... that flower and plant sensory overload we try to attend every year.

The busy auctioneers.  They were at it for hours.

Folks watching what's up for sale...and what is coming up next.  My orange chairs stake out my place.  I can see everything that is being wheeled up to the auction block but still be out of the crowd.  When something interested me I went right up next to the wagon they were selling from, once done I sat back down.

Pallets full of plants.

Each and every pallet was brought up by a darling little boy.  They worked hard and with a smile.

There was a lot of visiting inbetween bidding.

So many plants went by me...

It was hard to keep track of them.

Himself wandered around enjoying all the beauty.

This Bleeding Heart is what he was looking so closely at.

If you got tired of looking at the flowers, you could always do some people watching.

There were a LOT of fairy/dish gardens this year.

They were at the end of the line so I didn't stay around to see what they went for.

This banana tree went for $23.  First time I'd ever seen one of those at the auction.

So... what did I come home with?  Not much really.

For Mom... a Redbud tree, a Dogwood tree, and a flat of moss rose.

For me... 4 Goliath tomato plants ...

and a present from Himself - a huge Jade plant that went at a crazy low price.

(We were given a bit of advice to come back AFTER Mother's Day from much cheaper prices.  So we'll be going back soon!)

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