Sunday, May 1, 2016

Diving Back In To Photography

Did you know that May is National Photography Month?

Very appropriate for me, as I have just returned as a member to the photography club I used to be in.  I left Friends of Photography a couple years after we moved out to The Sticks.  I was just so busy and something had to give for a while.  I'm excited to be back and it looks like it is going to be a busy fun ride!  There is a monthly inter-club photo contest, a sales venue all summer at the bustling weekend Farmer's Market, and a club show in June at Silkie's restaurant, one of the local artsy places.

Not that I've put my camera down during my hiatus from the group...

I've continued to add to my portfolio...

I've been entering contests with good results...

And I even had a private show during one of the downtown 'Art Walk Thursdays'.

But with all that, I'm so looking forward to get back into my group.  There's something special about being with people who enjoy the same things you do.

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