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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Glass Class 2 - A Mother's Day Ornament

Round two of my glass blowing workshops! 

This time I took some girlfriends with me - and Himself of course.

Everyone had a lot of fun.

Isn't this the most beautiful trash you've ever seen?  Next time I'm going to pull some pieces out and try some jewelry making with them.

These are pieces Al is going to use in making 'milliflora' vases.  The making process is amazing but that is for another blog post.

Algar fetching my glass from the crucible.

I used a LOT of 'topaz' for the base color.

Humph... totally ignored...

Going into the shards to get texture and a bit of color.

Here's where the shards come from...balls that have been blown thin then broken up.

And this is my final color... an indigo.

See how they melt into the glass blob?

Time to blow... and blow... and blow a bit more.

That's one hot ornament!

Just kidding!  The flame is from the pipe warmer behind the table.  I was pleased the twist in the pattern worked out.

My friends' ornaments.  Love how they each turned out so differently!

Himself's ornament (a gift for a friend).

And my Mother's Day gift to Mom.

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