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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Grass Fed Beef Open Barn Event

Just down the road from us is a sign for "Tennessee Grass Fed Beef" that points down another road.  I've noticed it but never have we made the turn to go see what it is about.

That is, until last Sunday afternoon.

The farm hosted an open house event and Team Red, White, and Blue was there with an information booth.  

It was held at this cute barn.

Not only do they have shop hours at the farm, they are all over the area with set-ups at farmer markets and organic stores.

A local store which cares their meats was one of the info booths at the event.

We were surprised to find a little buffet set up for the attendees.


Ahhh... there's our friends!

An activity for the families was a 1 mile-ish "pasture walk".

There were a lot of cows on the pasture walk.

If you didn't feel like walking, you could get up-close and personal with this sweetheart...

This little darling is about 6 weeks old.  She's a bottle baby and LOVES attention.
(Don't worry... she's a 'keeper' calf!)

When we entered the event, we were given a ticket to put in the drawing basket.

Well guess what!

They called my number!

I came home with a huge chuck roast (I see a pot roast AND some Lega Tibs in our future) and some beef neck bones (there will be some delicious beef broth made from those).

Now that was a good day!

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