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Friday, May 20, 2016

Volunteering For Franklin

On the 3rd of May, Himself and I were volunteers at the Tennessee stop of Franklin Graham's "Decision America Tour".  It was held at the 'Capitol Plaza' in front of the TN capitol building.  As you can see from the above photo, it made a nice background.

Here is what the area looked like the day before.

24 hours later.

Himself was selected to help with security right there at Franklin's bus!  He says that if the photo went just a bit more to the right, you'd probably be able to see him, or perhaps he was up next to the bus.

Me?  I was to the right of the photo, back next to the trees.

That's me the arrow is pointing to.  My job was to greet and answer questions.

Wasn't too bad of a spot.  Got to see Charlie Daniels and Michael W Smith perform.

And I saw the man of the hour.
(I saw Billy Graham at the Nashville Crusade in 2000, and heard Will - Franklin's son - in 2005.)

Franklin's message was one of civil responsibility and people's responsibility to get out and vote.  And if you are able, to serve in a leadership position in your community... be it in local or state government... or even on the school board.  

If you wish to hear the message, I have a video embedded at the bottom.

At the end of the event and after we volunteers had cleaned the plaza grounds, we gathered for a group photo.  Himself and I are top and center.

It was a great experience!

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