Monday, May 23, 2016

The Invitation

A conversation Himself struck up with a stranger at the Amish plant auction, led to a delightful afternoon.  Somehow their conversation turned to raspberries and L asked if we'd like to have some heirloom raspberries.  Free.

Well YES!

A few days later we drove out to their lovely farm.  After digging the raspberry starts, L and her husband R asked if we'd like to see the old grist mill on the property.

Well YES!

L drove us down to an old bridge.

A really cool rusty old bridge.

A cool old bridge that looked out at the grist mill and dam.

A cool old bridge held up for many years on limestone pillars.

It was a lovely place for a chat or a picnic.

Then we headed back up to their home to meet their pets.

A sweet faced old boy.

And his 'Betty Davis eyes' sister.

This darling girl is 16 years old.

And her horse.  She had his mother and raised him from a baby.

There was a cute Shetland too.  You could tell she works with them a lot as he wasn't snotty like most Shetlands.

Why are pony noses so cute?

Her gardens were beautiful.

Too soon a storm kicked up and we had to leave.

The raspberries?

Here's the little shoots...

...and the long more mature canes - which already have berries on them.

Since I wasn't planning on planting raspberries this year, they will stay potted up until this fall  when I will have a nice fenced in bed made for them.

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