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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Party Time

My goal this Christmas season was to slow down and enjoy without putting a ton of stress on myself.  One way was to cut back on the Christmas parties.  Yes, the parties are fun but most of them are held in the Nashville area at night - an hour to an hour and a half drive one-way.  There is something tiring about a 3 hour drive to a 2 hour party, especially when you get home around midnight.

So we decided to go to ONE party and a local one at that; the Team Red, White, and Blue Christmas party.

We all got together for a potluck meal and visiting.  

My bring for the potluck were 'red, white, and blue' stuffed eggs (the red came out more to find a better coloring agent) and Ethiopian style lentils (to the left still covered).

For the kids, there were crafts and a visit from Santa bearing gifts.

The other stress relief was that we decided to host only one gathering at our home.  We decided to have a Christmas luncheon for the Extension Homemakers members.  To keep it "EHC" I used recipes from one of our lessons called "Kentucky Proud".

We served -- 


Butternut Squash Soup
(This recipe was everyone's favorite).

Bourbon braised Beef
(the recipe is for a stew - I made it as a pot roast)

Green Casserole - panko
(I used panko instead of bread crumbs.  My greens were collards, chard, and kale).

Blueberry Cream Cheese Pound Cake
(Himself used a regular cake pan instead of a bundt pan).

The cutting back worked wonderfully.  It was a much more relaxed time for us.

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