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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Six Gifts

Our Christmas tradition continues - the shopping for and packing of the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes!

Our four boxes for boys age 11 to 14.

Yes, you do see soft cuddly lovies at the top of the box.  In developing countries something to hold on to is still a very big thing even if you're a boy who is getting big.

School supplies, hygiene products, balls and other toys, and caps are just a few of the things we packed.

And while we were in Missouri in October we went shopping with Little Bird and Little Hoss.  They love buying for the shoe boxes.  It's wonderful to see how excited they are to help "the poor babies".  Once again they both opted to pack a box for a baby (age 2 - 4) rather than their own age group.  At the stores, Unca Himself takes off with Little Hoss to do 'boy shopping'.  Little Bird and I do our chick shopping in peace.

Little Bird's box.

And Little Hoss's looking good too.

I wonder where these boxes will end up?

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