Friday, December 9, 2016

KM Studio - Paper Supplies and a Christmas Swap

Studio KonMari continues with the paper crafting area which is this little built in closet.  This is 'after' shot.- the 'before' was just too frightening to photo.  Uff-da!  

But after a few hours of sorting it is nice and neat.  There wasn't too much I culled as "stash" is very important to creating.  Really... it's true.  That's what I tell Himself all the time.

The top two shelves have my paper.  Yes, I use pages from all those books for creative projects.

This area has my embellishments of all sorts, plus a bit of oversize storage.

And this top section has tags, stickers, and protective sheets.  The bottom section is tools - 'sharps', stamps and ink pads, chalks, etc.

Just after I finished it, one of the creative groups I'm a part of (paper crafting) had a "Christmas Swap".  The swap was 4 papers, 4 'stickies', and 4 embellishment things.

I sent these 4 papers, 4 big rolls of Washi tape, and for embellishments a rubber stamp, a metal tag, a frame and an overlay.

And I received all this in return.  Wow.

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