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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Red, White, and Blue Christmas Wreaths for the VA Home

We had another fun event with Team Red, White, and Blue.  This time we were being creative for someone else.  We had a social to make Christmas wreaths for the Clarksville VA Home.

We started out with some noshing.

Himself brought his 'world famous' chocolate chip cookies in both 'nutty' and 'chippy' varieties.  I contributed the stuffed eggs.

We overheard this little guy ask for a cookie.  His grandfather responded "What kind?"

His answer... "The REAL ones!"

For the wreath making we were each to bring items to decorate the provided wreaths.

Himself guarding the supplies.

Everyone spread out and got to work.

It was a wreath making palooza!

I brought a lot of items to work with... but I seem to have forgotten the most important one... crafting mojo.

RWB Eagle Charles kept the kids going on making Christmas cards for the Vets.

Why not a blue Christmas tree?

Love how they wrote inside.

SO cute!

Here's just a few of the finished wreaths.

Mine is not in there.  It was so ugly that I asked (begged) that I could take it home to redo and bring it back in a few days.

Mojo back...and I finished my wreath.

A huge group from Team RWB had a decorating party at the VA Home on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I can't wait to see out it looks!

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