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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

You Can Start With A Christmas Letter...

Did you know that December is "National Write a Friend" month?

First in high school, then again in the early '90s I used to pen pal.  Loved it.  But with the first group we lost track because of starting our lives as adults we all got too busy.  

With the second bunch, I blame email.  Have you ever noticed how when something gets easier... people do less?

Letters for example.  People would sit down and take time - real time - and put pen to paper.  That paper may have been expensive stationary or the back of a shopping bag.  But the the caring came through no matter what it was written on.  Letter writing took time; it was a gift in itself.

Now staying in touch is cheap.  Emails are short, tweets are shorter.  Connections are disappearing.

How can you get back to some of that closeness?  

You can start with a Christmas letter.

Not one of those phony things lying about a perfect life.  But something that tells about what you've been up to, sharing your life without all the confetti or dramas.

Then slide it in a Christmas card and send it on its way.

It's a start...

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