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Monday, December 19, 2016

O Christmas Tree... How Green Are Your Branches (Part One)

Today is "Look For An Evergreen Day".  Around here if you start looking for a tree this late, you'll be lucky to find a "Charlie Brown" tree!  Or you will find yourself cutting a cedar.

Two years ago, we got not one but two balsam for $10 each around the 15th on Walmart clearance.

Last year we bopped over and there were NO trees at in they stopped doing trees.  OH NO!  So we zoomed over to Lowes...they had about 10 worse-than-Charlie-Brown trees left at full price.  No way.  And cedars make Himself sneeze.

We had no tree last year.

This year we shopped as soon as we got home from Thanksgiving.  And Lowes ordered in way more trees...

Didn't take long to find the perfect tree!!

Wait a minute!  What do you mean I can't have a 12 foot tree??

Oh alright... 6 foot then...

But not one of these...too much needle.  Douglas firs are nice...for someone else.

Ahhhh, here's what I'm looking for... Fraser firs!

Gotta drag out the good ones to compare.

Narrow it down to two...


This is it!!

The Lowes staff kindly netted it up for me.  They offered to trim out the base, which I declined.  When I told them I wanted the trimmings to decorate with, they pointed over to an area where they dumped the branches they trimmed off trees.

I could have them...for FREE!

I restrained myself from doing a happy dance right there.  Soon the trunk was full of tree AND branches.

Stay tuned for Part Two... The Decorated Tree!

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