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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Clarksville Electric Christmas Parade

For our Christmas parade viewing this year, we went to the night time 'electric parade' in Clarksville.

Several members of Team Red, White, & Blue work in one of the law offices in this building.  It was the perfect place for the group to spread out... even had 'stadium seating'!  Cookies and hot drinks were waiting inside.  Nice!  Do you see Himself and me on the right side of the photo?  I was so happy I thought to bring along our Amish picnic blanket.

That's the 'old' courthouse.  As everyone waited for darkness, different group sang on the steps.

And this couple walked around thrilling the kids.

Finally it was dark enough for the parade to start.

First be was the color guard.

Then the 101st Band.

And then the floats started coming...

With a few lighted up trucks thrown in the mix.

Speaking of 'mix'... there was a strange mix of characters in the parade.  I caught this Elvis sighting...  There were also Storm Troopers, dinosaurs, and a few I couldn't quite figure out what they were supposed to be.

This wingless airplane gathered a lot of comments.

In Clarksville, they still throw candy.  Toys and tangerines too.

Horses...there must be horses!

Even tho I didn't move from my chair, I ended up with a little Christmas parade loot.  One of those tangerines, a free Chick fil a sandwich coupon, a free ticket to a high school Christmas play, and a packet of Starburst.

What fun!

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  1. We didn't make it to any parades, this year, so it was fun seeing the photos of your parade. We did however, make it to our Church's Walk to Bethlehem and also a town Charm stroll.


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