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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Big Pot of Potatoes

In line with my March homestead skills challenge of "garden, soil, & seeds" I decided to try planting a potato tower.

We started with some potatoes that sprouted in our potato bin.  I set them aside and they really put on some long leggy sprouts.

On 18 March Himself planted them in this container which is 'half whiskey barrel' size.

They are VERY enthusiastic potatoes... this is on 25 March!  I added more dirt about half way up the remaining space.

About a week later they were well over the top of the planter.

I topped off the dirt and added a wire cage that Himself made.  The pool noodle around the top keeps me from getting scratched up by the sharp edges.

I added straw about 1/3 up the wire cage.  At first I completely covered the potato plants but then I thought better of it.  Straw is used to mulch kill weeds...right?  So why wouldn't do the same to the potatoes?

So I pulled the straw out of the middle and indeed, the potatoes were looking a bit pitiful.  So I did a straw donut instead.  Straw on the sides and dirt in the middle.

When we got back from Missouri on 15 April, I put in another 1/3 height of straw as that is how far they had grown up.  Just their crowns were above the dirt/straw.  I decided this would be my last layer as I wanted some portion of the cage to support the plants.

And here they are on the 24th!

They seem quite happy with their container.

Do you think I'll get baby potatoes??

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  1. What a fun experiment! Please make sure to post the results.


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