Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Plucked From The Flames

The other day we had a nice cool but not too cool evening, so we decided to get a little yard clean-up done.  Himself went around gathering up the winter dropped branches from all over the yard (it will be mowing season before we are ready!).

After piling everything up, he started a burn in our fire pit.  The warmth against the cooling evening was so relaxing...

... until Himself leaped out of his chair over to the blazing fire.

He had rescued this fellow off of one of the burning branches!

Cool scales, eh?

Then Himself noticed something was 'wrong'...

In his fright, the lizard (aka Stumpy) had thrown his tail.

Well, we will know THAT lizard through the year!

(FYI, Stumpy is a Western Fence Lizard).

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