Monday, April 3, 2017

Facing Darkness

You have one more chance to see this incredible movie.  It is being shown again on 10 April.  GO!! 

Dr. Kent Brantly and Amber Brantly ~ Samaritan's Purse medical missionaries to Liberia.

Dr. Brantly didn't come to Liberia to face Ebola...

... but when Ebola came, he did not run.

He stayed and fought for the people of Liberia in the very worst of conditions.

He contracted Ebola...

Maybe you remember this?  August 2nd, 2014.

That is Dr Brantly stepping down from the ambulance.  He received experimental treatment in Liberia that saved his life and made it possible for him to come home to the US for treatment.

He survived against all odds.

And became Time's "Person of the Year".  But not because he survived but because he - and so many others - stayed.

They stayed to face a darkness like we will probably (hopefully) never know.

Go see this movie.


In it, they tell of how the world didn't care about Ebola and what was happening in west Africa in 2014.  Apparently ~ at least in Clarksville ~ they still don't.  We went to the first showing on 30 March.  Got there 40 minutes early so we cold get a good seat.

There were 37 people (including us) who came.  Thirty seven.  And not a single pastor, not even one.  No Christian doctors either.

This web site will show you what theater it is at near you. You can buy your tickets at the site too (we did).

Go! It's not just about Ebola. It's not just about Kent Brantly. It's about miracles on top of miracles. It's about hope, compassion, and what a real hero is.


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