Sunday, April 9, 2017

Before & After: Attic Makeover Present

Himself gave me quite a gift last month.

He took this ugly cruddy "finished" portion of attic and fixed it up so I could store my creative stash.  I just had too much bulky stuff to keep it all in my studio.

He used a bunch of my leftover boards from other projects, plus what I call my 'scrippy-scrap' pieces to put in a new floor.  It was a whole lot of hours wearing a respirator while bent over on padded knees to get the job done.

Might I had it was usually pretty warm up there too.

This is the side we keep the 'quick grab' stuff that we need to get to quickly...when we need it.  Things like the extra coffee pots when we have a bunch of people over and so on.
(The upside down tub means it is empty)

Here's the other side with general storage.  I added the pool noodles to the rafter braces to keep from knocking our heads off when we forget to duck.  They work great!

I love having the space to store things out of my office!

Thanks Hubby!  What an awesome Valentines gift!

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