Sunday, April 30, 2017

Almost Summer...Ugh...

Wow... tomorrow is May 1st.

Some people reckon the start of summer by the calendar and say it will happen on 20 June.  Those people don't live in the South.  Here in the South we reckon the start of summer by the thermometer.  Which means summer is almost upon us.  You see, in the South summer comes in May.  Late May if we are blessed.  So there is a very limited time to finish outside projects before it becomes hot.

Hot means I don't go outside unless it is dark or raining.  Or I'm stepping into an air conditioned car.

We have a lot to do before summer hits here in The Sticks.  To make myself accountable, I'm going to list out what needs to get done by the end of May.  I do this because as it heads towards hot I start getting lazier and lazier.

So barring illness or injury here is what I want done when we hit June:

KonMari the shed.
Clean up behind the shed.
Makeover mailbox area
Set up fire pit
Makeover deck
Plant annual herbs, cherry tomato, and cucumbers

I've got some indoor things to do too.  Those will be done on too hot afternoons and rainy days.

Phew!  I'm tired already...

Edit: Yesterday the temperature hit 89 F.  It might be summer already...

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