Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Swapping a Cuppa

March was time for the spring tea swap at The Enchanting Rose blog . 

Here is the swap I sent out to Jill in NC.

It started with the antique tea cup with a dogwood pattern that I found at an estate sale.  There were two and I kept the other for myself.  And to go with it, I put in this dogwood iron piece that was made by a blacksmith friend.  

I enclosed a box of my favorite chai and a cinnamon candle.  Finally I put in a note pad with ladybugs... as what is more spring than the annual spring ladybug invasion?  LOL 

And I am so happy to see that Jill enjoyed her parcel... 

And here is the package I received from Anne in CO.

I absolutely love the beautiful tea cup.  It's my favorite shade of teal.  The box of tea she enclosed is a new one for and lemon verbena.  It's very good; so relaxing to sip.  All the goodies she sent were so nice... in fact, there are a couple missing from the photo.  A square of dark chocolate disappeared very quickly and a lip balm from Celestial Seasonings is in my purse.

Thank you so much Anne!


  1. I love the reveal and getting to see what everyone gave and received!


  2. Your treasures - both coming and going - are lovely!

    I thought that metalworks art was very unique and precious you sent her. And I love that pretty colorful turqoise Gracie teacup you received!

    Isn't this such fun????

  3. A beautiful teal teacup and assorted goodies from your parcel.

  4. Hi Teri! I am so happy the tea cup and saucer are together at last. I loved your comment at my e mail regarding your color theme with the cup and saucer shade of turquoise. You sent a lovely package as well. Goodness we all were so blessed. I truly enjoyed everything I received as well as sent. I forgot to snap photos of the two packages I sent but in the words of Sandy, who sent me a mug package, I will do better next time. I hope you have a wonderful week and I am happy I was able to meet you here. HUGS Anne

  5. Pretty teal cup! I already saw the cup you gave away and it is lovely. You received a nice selection of tea items! So enjoy!!!

  6. I truly enjoyed getting to see what you received ! Everything was beautiful! This exchange has been so much fun and blessing ! Hope you have a blessed week!

  7. I love your new tea cup! It is so pretty! :)

  8. Such beautiful gifts you received and sent out.
    So nice visiting with you~~

  9. Such sweet packages given and received. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy a delightful cup of tea!

  10. I loved that you and Jill have matching tea sets! Turquoise is one of my favourite colours so I'm a huge fan of the pretty teacup that you received.


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