Friday, December 15, 2017

A Red, White, and Blue Christmas Around the World

We decided to simplify our Christmas season this year.  One of the decisions in that was we would only attend one club/organization Christmas party.  This year we chose the party of Team RWB.

Part of that decision was the fact this year they decided to have a "Christmas Around The World" theme for the potluck meal.  Those setting up the event picked 12 different countries... and the US... and asked those coming to pick a country to make a dish or a few to represent that country.

I waited until the week of the party to see what hadn't been selected.  There were several and we picked food from Israel.

I made Honey Chicken (which was a major hit with the recipe asked for), Kugel, and Butternut Couscous.  Hanukkah started on Wednesday the 13th so I decorated my section with a menorah and silver beads.

This were incredible.  They are huge grapes with a doughy kind of wrapper.  SO good!  I am seeking the recipe!

This salad from South Africa was just beautiful (tasty too).

Who can pass up a cheese turnover?

This must have been delicious... by the time I got there, they were GONE.

Love Mexican bread!  Unfortunately, our local Mexican bakery shut down a while back.  I think these were brought up from Nashville.

Every single thing was wonderful.  I really hope they do this again next year!


  1. Did you make your chicken with breast chunks? I think I need the recipe, too! It looks just like what I envisioned one of my Christmas dishes being.

    1. The recipe is coming up on the 20th. Yes, I used cut up chicken breasts for it. I'm going to keep a packet of 'nuggets' in the freezer for a quick meal. The chicken can thaw enough in a bowl of hot water while I put together the sauce. Then into the oven!


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