Monday, December 18, 2017

Christ Church Limestone

When we travel, if at all possible, we like to attend a local church on Sunday.  It worked out on our MN trip that we were in Hanna City, IL on Sunday morning.

I looked at what churches were there, and came across the information for the Christ Church Limestone.  It is an Anglican church, which evolved out of the Church of England.

The church web site and Facebook page seemed very welcoming, so it was there we decided to attend service.

It was an excellent decision.

Father Harold Camocho and the entire congregation welcomed us warmly.  In fact, it was the most welcomed we have ever been at any church...EVER.

It is a small and lovely sanctuary.

Aren't the doors on the pews interesting?

Beautiful windows.

They have a nice little fellowship building next to the church.

We were invited to join them in a potluck lunch of chili and sides.

A table in the fellowship hall.

LOVE this photo!!!  (No, it's not mine.)

Before we left, we walked around the grounds.

The gardens are simple and peaceful.

The adjoining cemetery is well taken care of.  

We are fully planning on coming back thru this route on our next Pilgrimage trip.

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  1. I've been to churches in almost every city I've visited!


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