Sunday, December 3, 2017

Picking Our Christmas Tree

Over the past 3 or 4 years we've been watching little trees being planted in a field near us.  Little evergreen trees.

While the trees are still babies, this year Kandi Kane Tree Farm ( )
 opened for business with the most beautiful pre-cut Frasier and Canaan fir I've ever seen.  You know I like to shop local whenever I can so we dropped in the Saturday after Thanksgiving to check them out.  

We were happy with what we saw and the fact the owners are retired military made it a home run for us.

The tent was full of fantastic trees.

There were nice wreaths too.

But oh...the trees...

I had some serious looking to do.

The trees were so nice it was hard to pick one.


But THIS is the one!

Not too tall and really really full.

My job was done, now it was Himself's turn to help the owner get the net over the tree.

And get it in the back of the car.
(We drove home very slowly!)

Afterwards we enjoyed some hospitality in the form of homemade treats and hot drinks.

They were as yummy as they looked!

Our tree has been sitting in the garage this week in a wassh tub of water.  Today we are bringing it upstairs to decorate.  More photos later!

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