Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Being Part of Something Wonderful

Last Saturday was our second opportunity to help with the laying of wreaths at the Western KY Veteran's Cemetery.

We arrived early on that chilly morning to help family members laying wreaths however we could.  There was a lot of searching for loved ones (since everything looks exactly the same... except for new rows...), took photos for people of them laying the wreath so they could send to other family members, and a whole lot of listening.

See the coins?

A penny means you knew them and have visited the grave.
A nickel means you were in their unit.
A dime means you were in battle with them.
A quarter means you were with them when they died.
(In this case, obviously not in battle).

Family was allowed private time from 9:30am to 11:30am to lay their wreaths.  After that volunteers placed wreaths on all the rest.

So many people there to help.

People from all walks of life.



In about 5 minutes the whole field was done.

While we waited during family time, we visited some of the graves...

A friend's wife

A friend of Himself.  He was indeed "a good man".

Makes you wonder...and smile.

A true hero.

Would it not have been fun to know him?

A kindred spirit.

Wow... tough, really tough.

Kind of says it all...

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