Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christkindl Market

We went back to the Christkindl Market at one of our local Lutheran churches.

In English that means The Christ Child Market... or Christmas Market.  Until I finally get to see one in Germany, this is our go-to stop.

Speaking of 'stop'... I made a stop to get a tasty German 'donut' (they called it a Kuchle but that doesn't come up in a Google search. ??)

Not our American traditional but it was very good.

Himself bought each of us a hot mulled apple cider.  There were all sorts of tasty looking baked goods here.

The church building area was set up for vendors.  

He's always there.  I love his nice wooden items... top quality stuff.

Loved these boot bracelets.

How about this?  Walking sticks made from tobacco sticks.  Hmmmm...

There was a tent for vendors too.  There were considerable less than other years... maybe it was because we were came on the 1st day Friday opening or maybe because it is just too darn cold in there.  

And a few hardy souls had their own tents.

Second week of December... I just don't get the tent thing...

THIS is what put me in Happy Land...

Wisconsin maple syrup.  A soldier from WI has moved here and his family does maple products.  So he brings them down to sell.  Real deal maple syrup... cheaper and better than Sam's!

OK, if you've never had maple cream you have missed a wonder of life.  It is maple syrup cooked down then beaten for upwards of an hour.  It is smooth creamy goodness for your toast or bagel.

What a fun day!

(Yes, a jar of maple cream did come home with me.  Merry Christmas Teri!!)

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