Thursday, December 14, 2017

Garage Included

During our "pilgrimage" to MN to see the older relatives, we stay in motels in most places.  Having Miss Persia traveling with us has complicated things.  At one location we had to change from our usual stop over because they jacked up the pet rate to $35 per pet!  

In my search, I found this motel.  Didn't quite understand the "garage included" but the pet rate was great so I booked it.

Once we got there we found that "garage included" was just that.  Each unit had its own room (LONG) garage that you entered your room thru.  

At check in you were given your room key AND a garage door opener.

Pretty cool!

Actually... pretty WARM!  It was so nice to be able to load and unload out of the windy 30-odd degree weather.

The room itself was nice too.  Lots of space plus a fridge and microwave.

We will definitely be back next year!!

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