Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Home 2017

This was the year that I finally got my Christmas decorations down to what I want.  Decorating got out of hand over the years and to the point that I dreaded putting stuff out.  Early in the month we pulled out the tubs and started our KonMari decluttering of Christmas.  About 3 tubs worth headed to a charity store the first week of December so there would be plenty of time for others to enjoy.

My funky little purple tree in my studio.

The only decorations that didn't get out this year was my second small tree what we decorate with trinkets from our travels.  A mouse made a nest in it and it had to be thoroughly cleaned, after which I just didn't get it up.  But next year...

(Both small trees and all their decorations are now able to be stored in their own mouse proof plastic tub!)

And here is our live cut tree we picked up from our local tree farm.

Here's a bit of the decorations on it...

Yes... just a few...

This year we put a nativity under the tree.  I love it!!!

Our angel topper we got for our second Christmas.

And the rest of the decorations...

We hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas!

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