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Monday, September 13, 2010

Before and After: Front Porch, Now Dressed For Fall

Another one of those ‘catch up’ projects is checked off my list. The CSI Project’s weekly challenge motivated me to finish this one up.

This week’s challenge is “fall”. Since I am SO happy to see summer ending I decided to jump into the autumn season right at the front porch.

Just to remind you what I started with…

I dragged everything off and put the power washer to work. MUCH better!

Next I used pavers to add another step up to make it easier to get up on the porch. This is a temporary fix, as I have something much prettier in mind. But it’s going to be a big undertaking to get it done.

The door mat in front of the door was purchased last year at Taliesin – Frank Lloyd Wright’s home. The pattern is one of his designs.

I found these lanterns at Home Goods. It’s far too hot on the porch to have candles in them, so instead – after drilling drain holes in the bottom - I decorated them with stones and driftwood we have picked up on our travels. For autumn I added some fall accents pieces from Hobby Lobby.

A mum brings a pop of color to the porch.

Instead of the low bland table, this metal shelf adds to the porch. I wanted a place to be able to put down my purse or bag as I opened the door. This works great. The other shelves give me space to add some decorations too.

The pumpkin and angel say what I feel, not just about this season but all of them. They are both from Hobby Lobby. I protected them with several coats of poly.

So here is the new look of my porch… all dressed up for autumn.


  1. Love it. Isn't it amazing what a difference a few small things can make. Not every project needs to be big and expensive.

  2. Wonderful. It looks so warm and welcoming!

  3. Looks really great! I really love the decorations in your lantern! What a huge difference in the before and after!!!

  4. What a warm and inviting spot! I think I'd just want to sit out there. ;) Love the addition of the metal shelves. :) I'm visiting from The CSI Project. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  5. What a huge difference! Your front door is beautiful to begin with, but the fall decor really kicked it up a notch!

  6. It looks wonderful! I love your lantern!! It inspires me to do something with my lantern!
    Angie xo

  7. So festive! I love your front door and everything looks perfect for Fall! Thanks for linking up! Roeshel

  8. Great job Teri! My favorite parts are the chair with the mums and those sweet rocks you placed right there, and of course the lanterns filled with those wonderful autumn colors! ~Lili

  9. Love it! Really makes a statement!


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