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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Before and After: The Garage - I Gotter Done!

I finally got it done… the garage is cleaned out. Cleaned such as I told Himself; this is part of our home and as such is NOT empty or magazine material! But it is perfectly functional for us.

Functional for us means that things are orderly. There are still things in there for storage until I can get shelves in other areas built for them. There are some furniture and craft projects lined up to be done in the cooler, drier weather. And my lawn tractor will go back up to the shed once I get that cleaned out over the next few weeks.

If an item is something I will have in the garage all the time, it has its own place on a shelf. I will be improving some of the shelving situations in coming months as there was literally no place to build in the garage when I started.

There is room now…

This area has my bonsai supplies. I have a large floor cabinet that will replace the small shelves. Just have to get it built.

On these shelves I have cleaning, household, and bath supplies. And there is plenty of room for Himself to work out now. That unpainted place is where there was a dart board. I couldn't get it pulled out of the wall so I just painted around. Himself tore it down for me. Next time I have the bucket of Kilz out, I'll get it painted.

Frames I have to organize and build shelves for in a closet in my office. I have way too many frames! Especially small ones. But they are just so darn cute! I have a feeling I will have more going to the charity store.

Those chairs hanging up will be some 'before and after' posts fairly soon!

These tubs are Himself’s stored things. It the accumulation of things he’s inherited his father (there were things going back 3 generations from the family homestead in ND), his uncle (2 generations) and then more from his mother. Plus some books he hasn’t shelved in his office. He will get to them when he is ready. Anyway, stored in these containers they are not my problem anymore!

Leaning up against the tubs is that shelf I’ll be putting together for my bonsai supplies.

And my misc shelf. Mostly things that I can’t let freeze like paint, so I can’t shift them to the shed. It is so nice to be able to see all my paints quickly. I get a lot of paint at the ReStore (spray) and mistints at Lowes. The old paint cans on the floor I am using as stands for painting projects.

And the last area is my soon-to-be-functional recycling center. It’s also where I decided would be a safe place to store my florescent light bulbs.

BEFORE (so many boxes all the way to the back!):

AFTER (room to walk!):

I am so happy to finish this “gitter done” project! And I'm linking it to Funky Junk's "Gitter Done - Vol. 4" link up.

FJI's Gitter Done! challenge


  1. Fantastic! What a change! You are really working hard.

  2. A big "WOO HOO" for your finished project! Well done.

    My project only took 2 years to finish. :)

  3. Good work! That looks great! Now, come help me do mine! :P

  4. Oh my GOSH. I'm so jealous of that space! Mine currently looks like your before. Good idea. Maybe mine will be on my GD 5 list.. hmmm...

    Nicely done!


  5. WOW! What a lot of work you did! But it looks great. And I'm sure it makes you smile now! Great job, well done!


  6. Wow! You even have room for a car now!!! Great job Teri!! ~Lili

  7. Great job! This reminds me of my office Gitter Done project. Thassa lotta work! LOL! Do you find yourself walking out there every little bit just to take it all in?

  8. Great makeover. You may come to my house now and make my basement and garage look neat and clean like yours.

    Bev B


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