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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Scaring Small Children

I’ve often told Himself when he comes home from 3 months at sea that his hair could scare small children. He’s always laughed and rolled his eyes at me. He gets it cut just before he leaves and I make an appointment to have him shorn as soon as I can upon his arrival home.

He had a week break between fishing trips and decided he wanted to come home. He flew into Missouri so he could meet his new nephew Little Hoss and see Miss Little Bird again.

So last Monday when he was looking like this after just arriving home from 3 months at sea…

Sweet Little Bird who usually looks like this…

Instead looked like this…

Poor little darling just wailed every time she looked at him.

Bright and early the next morning Himself got that hair cut. And when he came back over to Little Bird’s house, instead of wailing…

…she had a cuddle for her Uncle Himself.

All is good in the world again… as long as the men in it have short hair!


  1. Aw ... I like his hair long. He's cute...! But there's no point in making little children cry. :-( *heh*

  2. What a dear story! Loved the pictures. Your hubbie sounds like a sweetie.

  3. I didn't think his hair was long until I saw the After picture. Glad Hanna was able to recognize him.


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