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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Goal – “A Warm Welcome”

We want our home to be a welcome retreat to all who visit us… whether it is for a few minutes and a cup of coffee or guests staying days with us.

So my goal for September is to make our home as inviting as it can possibly be. There are so many aspects to consider; from our curb appeal (an on-going project), to serving a lovely meal or snack, to making our overnight guest comfortable.

I’m asking for everyone’s help with this goal!

What makes you feel welcome into someone’s home?

What are those special touches?

Tell me about a memorable meal you’ve enjoyed… what made it stand out?

What do you do to make your guests comfortable?


  1. Ooooh that sounds like a fun project Teri! Gosh, desserts displayed on cake pedestals or under glass cloches, flowers from the yard tucked here and there all over the house, special soaps with beautiful scents, lots interesting books and magazines to browse through. That's what immediately comes to mind for me, and I look forward to seeing whatever you and others come up with too! ~Lili

  2. What a great idea, Teri! For me, it's all about the bathroom. LOL Nice and clean, with a special hand towel so I don't feel I'm using someone else's, scented liquid soap (like Bath and Body sells), not having to search (embarrassing) for the extra roll of TP, maybe some breath mints in a little dish so I can easily freshen up. If I'm staying over, an extra toothbrush and toothpaste just in case, being told where the towels and washcloths are, and simply being told to make myself at home to snacks and drinks in the fridge! (I don't want much, do I?) This summer we set out a basket on the coffee table with local maps, tourist brochures, and postcards for our house guests to use.


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