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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome To Our Home

Himself and I really enjoy entertaining. But we don’t do as much as we really would like to.

Is it just around here, does it seem people are entertaining less? I’m not talking about “parties” where the main reason is to gather and drink – often way too much. It seems everyone I know, who in the last few years have tried to host a gathering, are being put off by some pretty rude behavior of the invited guests – folks saying they will come…and not showing, showing up way late, showing up with uninvited friends in tow, coming to a potluck with a box of uncooked mac & cheese (seriously!) and so on.

Not all of the above have happened to me, but enough have. Enough that we have decided not to have large parties anymore.

So now when we entertain it is with only a few people – no more than six at a time, usually we will have four others. Or one family.

We will host groups for a meeting – if they want to make the drive out into the country.

As you’ve figured out by now from all my cooking class blogs, I really enjoy cooking. Sharing a meal with others is one of my pleasures. Everything from simple grilled brats to a full ethnic themed meal; it’s all good!

Entertaining becomes even more fun when our guests stay overnight with us.

We are trying to make our home and yard a restful place.

By the end of the month, our guest room will be about as comfortable as one could ask for.

In the mornings our guests will have a hot breakfast – I enjoy making omelets or Himself could whip up a batch of German pancakes. Lunch and dinner will be something good… depending on our guest’s likes.

And the evening will wind down with tea or coffee on the deck, watching the sun set.

The yard will be a work in progress for quite a while – I’m starting with the areas up close to the house (like our patio and deck) and will work farther out on the property (to our eventual ‘outdoor family room’ – fire pit and games area).

We are very much looking forward to all the guests we will have here in our home.

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  1. I've just read a month's worth of blog posts, Teri and you are one.busy.woman. Holy crow, I need a nap, just from reading.

    I'm intrigued by cheese-making class, and the topped trees really scared the willies out of me. Can you imagine those things silhouetted in lightning flash? Yowza. Admittedly, even with their branches, those trees look vaguely outraged.

    I don't know if people are entertaining less. I know I only entertain small groups myself. The reason being that I'm not actually all that fond of larger gatherings. However, the last one I went to this summer had exactly the problem you were describing.

    People committed to coming, and bringing a specific dish, and then as they were supposed to be arriving, were instead calling to make their apologies for not attending. It was a nice gathering, but it left the hostess in a bit of pickle and having to peel, boil and mash potatoes at the very last second to provide the missing dish. That in turn had Rob and I having to man the grill and actually cook everything at the BBQ.

    So, I think you're right. The larger the gathering, the bigger the chance that someone will do something vaguely appalling.


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