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Friday, September 17, 2010

Photo Challenge: Come a Little Closer.

When you journey, go a little closer.

That thing you might have missed … what do you see?

Don’t be in a hurry… look a little harder.

There are worlds to see and worlds to miss… will you spend the time?

Tiny diamond treasure?

A love note that sings of years?

Soft or spiny, do you know?

Do you dare to breathe?

Come a little closer.  What do you see?

Snow at -10F at Adak Island, Alaska.

Graffiti on Roseman Covered Bridge, Madison County, Iowa.

Two week old ostrich chicks, Kenya.

Himself with Morani the black rhino at Nanyuki, Kenya.

This blog is in response to the photo challenge of "Close/Closer" at Razmataz.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Of course being born in Kenya, I love the Kenyan wildlife.

  2. Fabulous photos :-) It was fun to try to guess what each close-up was. I guessed the rhino, but not the other three.


  3. Great post and beautiful shots! The baby chicks are too cute!

  4. Yes...God is definitely in the details. Lovely post!

  5. Great photos! Amazing what you find when you look a little harder! :) I like that you showed us the zoomed out version at the end.

  6. Love the ostrich chicks! Well done. hugs♥olive

  7. Wonderful photos Teri - love the detail in each of them

  8. Wonderful photos! Love the bridge closeup! Kit

  9. Oh how I love the love note! I thought the Rhino was an elephant and the chicks, hedgehogs. Lovely, lovely photos.

  10. I can always tell when the temperature dips below zero here when there's snow on the ground, not only does the snow sparkle, it squeaks. And I didn't even guess the first one, but that was a cool challenge and you did a great job! ~Lili

  11. Fabulous post- You score an A for sure on this challenge.


  12. What amazing adventures you must have had to get these pictures, I love them all! Well done!

  13. Fabulous post.. love them all.. but the ostrich chicks are so cute.. love the repetition in that shot also.. xx Julie


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