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Friday, September 3, 2010

Photo Challenge: The Incredible Egg

Part of my August photography goal is to shoot more photos. So when one of the blogs I follow ( ) started a weekly photo challenge it was the perfect way to get started.

This week’s challenge was to do photos of eggs. I misread earlier in the week, so I’ve been busy the last day working on a few shots. Plus I pulled out a couple I’d done at other times.

Egg… as we know it.

Egg… as the hen knows it.

Egg… as Himself knows it.

Egg… as Carmen the Wren knows it.

Egg… as an ostrich on the Masai Mara, Kenya knows it.


  1. love the wrens nest in the shoe! And \ostrich eggs are always so wonderful. Thank you so much for joing us this week.

  2. I like your egg interpretations! :D

  3. This is the senior project for photography students at New Trier HS in Chicago! I think it was 20/20 that did a story on it!

  4. The wren nest in the shoe is so neat. olive♥

  5. Is that a boot the wren built her nest in? I just love that photo! Kit

  6. Great photos,never know that just an egg isn't just an egg ;-)


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