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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Winter to Wonderful

White is often thought of as an absence of color.

A snowy white winter scene is often called “colorless”.   Isn’t it funny that white is actually a reflection of ALL colors equally?

And that ‘white’ light passing thru a prism creates a rainbow… and sometimes that prism can be ice crystals in snow.

But white is also the color of Spring.

Showing off before even the tiniest green tree leaf appears.

Standing brave against the chill of the night.

Mocking the clouds with its brightness.

And making a different white covering for the ground.

Razmataz Photo Challenge:  White


  1. I like YOUR beautiful white pictures much better than the white sloppy snow/rain that we got yesterday!

  2. Love this! I just found some white snowdrop flowers in my yard, almost ready to open. A sure sign of spring! Yay!

  3. These are fabulous shots, and your words the perfect accompaniment. Love this one..."Mocking the clouds with its brightness." What a perfect picture! Shooting it from below was an inspiration.

    Spring, here we come!

  4. I love your pictures. That white tree is fabulous!

  5. They are all beautiful shots. I do love white flowers. I think because all the whites are so different.

    I have a hard time understanding the white as a whole of all colours, but physics was never my thing. I would have thought black was. I never have got that.

    Thank you for your gorgeous photos.


  6. Beautiful pictures of white beauty. And you are right, most people think that white is the absence of color, when it is just the opposite. Ann

  7. I like that white tree.
    All your photo's are lovely.

  8. Love your photos and your take on white. I'm very happy that we are moving into the white in spring part of the year. Good photo of the snow sparkling, by the way, as that is hard to capture.

  9. Gorgeous pictures! The snow and tree are my favorites!

    happy day!


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